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WordPress.com versus WordPress.org — what’s the difference between these two flavours of WordPress? And which one’s right for you? After all, it’s very easy to confuse these two. Here, you’ll get a comparison of WordPress.com and WordPress.org and gain a clear understanding of which one’s best for you. Let’s check ’em out!

Show Notes:

Early on in today’s video, I mention another video where we take an even deeper look at WordPress.com and WordPress.org. If you’d like more detail, take a look at WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – WordPress Pros and Cons (https://www.tentononline.com/understanding-wordpress-com-versus-wordpress-org-an-in-depth-comparison/).

There are a few different ways to install and run WordPress. Find out which one’s right for you in How To Install WordPress – 3 Ways! (https://tentononline.com/3-different-ways-to-install-and-use-wordpress/).

If you’d like to be taken through the steps to register your website’s domain name, have a look at How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business (https://tentononline.com/easy-steps-to-set-up-your-business-website-address/).

Finally, see how easy it is to set up simple, low-cost web hosting in Low-Cost Web Hosting With Web Hosting Hub (https://tentononline.com/how-to-set-up-simple-easy-low-cost-web-hosting-with-web-hosting-hub/).

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– Business-grade email: https://10tn.tips/email

* Keep these three web services with separate companies. Here’s why: http://www.tentononline.com/separating-your-crucial-web-services-part-one-an-overview/

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