PASSIVE EARNING: How to mine Monero [XMR] in chrome + a look at Coinhive

Hey everyone, the past couple of weeks has seen a lot of changes to some of our favorite cryptocurrency sites. Sites like faucethub, freebitco and moonbit have all introduced browser mining. In this video I show you how to take back the reigns and mine XMR directly to your coinhive wallet.

Steps to mine automatically:
1. Register an account at
2. Copy your “public key” found in settings → API’s and keys → public key
3. Download the chrome extension “XMR MINER”:
4. Paste your public key in the submit box
5. Click the ‘Start’ button and you are good to go!

Please watch: “Method: easy browser mining bitcoin/btc cash, dash or ltc with chrome ⊘no downloads⊘★EARNING AFK☆”



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