LIVE Hosting EU Zone Wars/Moving Zones – Rotations & Customs #zonewars #euzonewars #zonewarslive

We are a new European E-sport clan.
We post for the most part videos based on Fortnite (Battle Royale).
We post for the most part Fortnite Gameplay and Montage videos
Stipular clan is looking for new members.
Recruting: or dm us on Instagram

MEMBERS: Stipularwookie(Player & Manager), Stipular Kun (Player & co-manager), StipularFive( Gamer & co- manager) StipularFuFu (Co-leader & Player) Stipular Raynex (Social manager & Player) Stipular Dizzy (Player) Stipular Legend (Player) Stipular Joxr (Player)

USE CODE StipularClanYT in the item shop


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